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Honeywell XENON 1900GSR-2USB-EZ Barcode Scanner


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Xenon™ 1900 is Mtech ‘s  cutting-edge area-imaging scanner that has been enhanced  with   innovative  ColorFusion™ Technology and a custom sensor that is optimized for bar code scanning, hence offering performance and reliability all in one device.

Color imaging opens up a whole new world of functionality as  It allows enterprises to read colored bar codes that could not be deciphered in the past  such as a red bar code on a white background. Additionally, it facilitates streamlined workflow and improved productivity by dispensing with the need to use a separate digital camera for color image capture.  What makes Mtech ‘s  1900 Color  stand out is that it  provides color imaging functionality whilst maintaining top-notch  bar code scanning performance which serves as an ideal combination for data-decoding needs of modern day enterprises.


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