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Mainboards & Electronics

ATM Depot Inc. is the brand name for high-tech payment security solutions that provides ATM parts including ATM main board and enable ATMs to run at peak efficiency while also ensuring that consumers save money and maintenance costs are kept to a minimum. Our extensive in-stock inventory will undoubtedly help to shorten lead times.

Our strong and innovative research and development team continues to develop and improve new products, putting us ahead of the competition in the banking equipment industry. ATM Depot Inc. has a large selection of ATM mainboard that can be used in ATM machines. The central processing unit (CPU) and memory are housed on the mainboard, often known as the motherboard. The ATM’s electrical components, such as the display (LCD), keypad, card reader, dispenser, and printer, connect through the mainboard. Upgrading and fixing your ATM equipment is a hassle-free and cost-effective way to boost uptime and income, thanks to our low costs. We focus on retail for all payment security solutions, including ATMs and their components.

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