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ATM Enclosure

ATM enclosures are design to endure the elements and theft attempts. At ATM Depot Inc., we create heavy-duty outdoor security kiosk enclosures to keep your ATM safe in any condition. Any ATM manufacturer can be accommodated by our all-steel architecture. Each ATM enclosure can be customize for your branding or colour preference using a variety of colour selections.

Our lightweight ATM enclosure is highly demand which is made from solid aluminium and is rust-resistant. These kiosks are design with heavyweight flooring in order to keep the balance and hold well while installing the surface. We also have medium-duty enclosures that are design completely waterproof and act as the best solution for placing ATMs in the open markets, 24 hours’ availability helping the users to avail it anytime.
Even if your ATM isn’t outside, protecting your money should be a priority. ATM enclosure doesn’t have to be as tough as exterior surroundings, but they still need to give you peace of mind that your money is safe. That’s exactly what our all-steel ATM enclosure does. At ATM Depot Inc., we work hard to build surroundings that take up a minimal area and provide maximum security. All ATM machines in convenience shop sizes are available in a variety of sizes.

The safety of an ATM at a festival, carnival, or concert is a high priority. Our mobile enclosures are not only portable, but they also help to keep your ATM secure at every event where they’re used. M-mobile Tech’s security kiosks have all-steel construction and are handcraft by some of the top craftsmen in the industry. Each surround can be customize for your branding or colour desire thanks to a wide range of colour possibilities.

One of our ATM Enclosure will help you protect your investment. Every manufacturer and scenario has a model. Whether you have a drive-up ATM, a walk-up ATM, or a mobile ATM, we can protect it from theft and the elements! The best-selling models for each application are shown below. Check out the links below to learn more about a certain model or to see if another security surround would be a better fit for your needs.

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