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Cash Discount Solutions

Aren’t you tired of your processor taking 3 – 4%  of your credit and debit card sales? You lose money on each sale while your customer’s get paid incentives such as airline miles, cash back, gifts, and other rewards.

Credit card minimum purchase signs aren’t cutting it and, with growing employee minimum wages, your business needs every penny it can get. 

But there is a simple way you can stop giving your hard-earned profits to your processor and keep the full purchase of every sale – Cash Discounting.

With ATM Depot, Inc.’s Cash Discounting Program, you can reward your customers for paying in cash! …And retain the full purchase amount from those who don’t.

Simply enter the sale amount into your POS terminal and they system automatically calculates the 4% non-cash charge – passing the fee onto the customer.

cash discounting saves money

Benefits of Cash Discounting with Us:

  • Retain the full $$ from every sale
  • Reward customers for using cash!
  • 100% compliant with all state laws
  • English and Spanish support available
  • EBT & EMV enabled equipment
  •  Next day funding
  • POS systems for all business types
  • Tip enabled
  • Accept all credit and debit card types
  • Customer-facing signage provided at no extra cost